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Month #8 July 2014

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Still life with a truncated pyramid Still life with a pyramid Still life with a cube Studying solids of revolution Cylinders and boxes Top and bottom of cylinder Basic solids Constructing geometric solids Still life with a cylinder Still life, laying cylinder Two cubes Studying sphere Sphere study Sphere values and shadows Forms based on cube Complex forms Value study Egg sketches Still life with cylinder and cube Still life, cone, cylinder, cube Cone and cube still life Cylinder and cube New forms from basic ones Still life with a wooden box Still life with dustpan Building new forms Still life with beer tin and a can Different objects Constructing can From studies Constructing vase Value study Still life with a milk can A vase Anime eyes drawing drawing Sketching life Sketches from observation Still life with a water flask drawing drawing Anime haircuts drawing Studying forms drawing drawing drawing Forms based on box Perspective studies Studying perspective drawing